Android is one of the most popular operating systems used in Smartphones these days. There is a constant demand for innovative Android applications for the Android platform. The constantly increasing demand has introduced the concept of rapid development. The developers at Zumpitech are developing some really interesting and innovative Android applications which are as per the requirements of the clients. The apps are for business, entertainment, social networking, business networking and fun. This entire buzz around the android applications has also created a series of challenges for the developers as there is a diversity of hardware and software platforms available in today’s date. Our expert team of developers are always in the lookout to provide the perfect solution for our esteemed clients.

The Android operating system has numerous versions. The developers cannot use one as a baseline and develop their application solely based on that. The developers thoroughly need to understand and then support the discontinued features of all the available versions in use. Not all the users upgrade to the latest version and thus there is a requirement to evaluate your customer base before the beginning of the process of development. Our expert developers are highly trained and expert in handling these major challenges competently.